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For me, psychotherapy is about having really helpful and interesting conversations whilst being alongside people on their journey. Life is rarely straightforward and often difficult.  I think of psychotherapy as offering a unique lending hand of support.

I listen carefully, casting an eye on your story to perhaps give a different viewpoint.   A new perspective can give relief and a sense of being understood.  We cannot change what has happened, but sharing and understanding together can help us to recuperate and recover from life's challenges.

Dr Fiona Parker (Counselling Psychologist and Group Analyst)


What is Psychotherapy?

Life is rarely easy and more often than not is complicated and complex.  It takes courage to ask for help especially when you are not sure how you are feeling or the opposite, when you feel completely invaded by feelings.  Often our loss of connection with ourselves, to our bodies, to others and the world around us can be very hard to recognise.  


I will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient time for a brief chat either by telephone or zoom for 15 minutes.  This gives you an opportunity to meet me and to briefly describe your concerns and ideas around treatment.  I will then arrange to meet with you for 60 minutes for an initial consultation.

Group psychotherapy

It is a longer-term group psychotherapy where members are asked to make a commitment for 1 year with the expectation to stay for longer.  A space to explore relational difficulties from your life in a culture of respect and support.